Hear what some of Hani's clients and colleagues have to say about him after working together on various projects throughout his career.
Alan Mamedi
CEO & Co-founder at Truecaller
“Hani made the social networks spin like never before! A super skilled ninja in social marketing.“
Nami Zarringhalam
CSO and Co-founder at Truecaller
“Hani has been an expert resource and a very knowledgeable addition to the Truecaller team. Through his market insights and product suggestions Truecaller has been able to grow. I recommend Hani to any top talent organization.“
Lindsey LaMont
Marketing and Brand Ambassador Relations at Truecaller
“Hani is very organized and a self-motivator. He knows exactly how to schedule his market research, and gives clear and precis information when reporting about the tasks he has been given. He gives 120%, and has gone beyond any of my expectations. On top of that, he is very kind, honest, motivating, and easy to work with.
Hani's work ethic is something I strive to find in all future brand ambassadors for Truecaller, and he is a true asset to our team.“
Dina Abdallah
Freelance Correspondent at the Independent
“Hani is a highly energetic professional who adds tremendous value to every relationship he makes with others. Hani is an energetic worker who displays a sincere desire to help others. He is one of those rare professionals who can focus on the details and can also have far sighted strategic visions and ideas with strong leadership. I highly recommend Hani, and if you ever get a chance to work with him you will know what I mean.“
Soha Wasfy
Global Corporate Communications (GCC) at Vodafone
“It's hard to find leaders who are both knowledgeable and perceptive. Hani fits the bill. I've been fortunate to work with Hani in the same group for some time now, and I can say that he's a consumate professional and a very knowledgable person in general. He is very dedicated to his team and commited to reaching the result. He is very pleasant and easy to work with. You will only be proud to have Hani on your team.“
Ahmed Turk
Senior Business Leader at MasterCard
“Hani was a fantastic person to work with. He is not only a loyal and innovative leader but also an inspiring person to work with. Hani is a well-educated, result driven and open minded team player, customer focused colleague. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Hani is your man! He has really one of the best among all people I have ever met.“
Kevin Thomas
Technical Solution Analyst at Alphawest
“Very inspirational to work with him. Hani is a visionary and always makes decisions with the future in mind. Hani has provided great leadership and it has been a real pleasure to be professionally associated with a consummate professional like Hani! I highly recommend working and connecting with Hani.
He has smart and wise colleague with huge knowledge. Intelligent and highly motivated person to work with. His technical skills are brilliant, has deep experience in systems and communications and is always focused to get clients satisfaction. Very positive attitude towards work.“
Olga J. Pisano
Engineering and Innovation Team Leader at ITS
“I've been fortunate to work with Hani in the same group for some time now, and I can say that he's a consumate professional and a very knowledgable person in general. Anyone who works with him can attest to his efficient and effective communication, creative thinking, professional business acumen and ethical conduct. Highly recommend to all others, and I see Hani to be a invaluable asset to any department at Cubicx.“
Roger Formant
Head of Sales and Marketing UK at Sony
“Hani is a hard-working, creative professional that brings a lot to any table. He does what he says and his work is always top notch. Hani is a very experienced professional and he is able to promote personal and professional improvements among collegues and partners. He combines a broad knowledge of ICT with in-depth insight of the essential aspects of the solution.
Hani has done great work in a timely manner. He is the one who is always ready to take that extra mile to get the job done. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Hani will truly appreciate all he can do to help them both succeed. He has my vote of confidence. Therefore, I look forward to working with him often in the future.“
Jiang Li Ko
Senior System Engineer at Huawei
“Like OMG, Hani was one of the most dedicated professionals through his work at Cubicx. Hani is an independent, innovative and proactive strategist, a person you can trust when you want to be sure that important tasks will be completed in a systematic and precise way. Very positive attitude towards work. Hani is probably one of the best entrepreneur I've ever met in my life and one of the smartest perfectionists I have ever worked with.
I had the privilege of working with Hani on a couple at Cubicx. Hani is an honest person to work with lots of knowledge in his field. He is an asset to any company.“
Patrik Novosel
Channel Lead, US Commercial Sales at NetApp
“Hani is a systematic and smart team's leader who knows how to manage work and the teams he deals with. He set a great example for everyone who worked under his supervision at Cubicx. Anyone who works with him can attest to his efficient and effective communication, creative thinking, professional business acumen and ethical conduct. He is a highly engaged leader who is well regarded and valued. Hani is very pleasant and easy to work with. He has my vote of confidence. If Hani is not on your team, then you're missing out. I highly recommend working and connecting with him.“
Tarek Abd El Moaty
Director Of eBusiness , eDistribution at Resta Hotels & Resorts
“I knew Hani for few weeks ago & during this period of time I've learned many qualities about him, As have a passion for excellence, Generate outstanding commercial outcomes for his customers, Value team spirit, Honesty & Innovation. His company's concept is a bit new for the MENA area, But has high level of service that brings to customers. Cubicx many quality services are ranging from: Text Gateway, Fax Over IP, Call Back Phone Services, DID Numbers, VOIP Toll Free, Websites Monitoring, Web Hosting Services & Mobile Banking Services. I do recommend Cubicx for everyone, It's a modern & very sophisticated company.“
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